Volodymyr Khomych | About Me
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About Me

About me and my work

In 2004, for the Student’s Day, my mother presented me with my first photo camera Olympus. And, exactly the way I was supposed to act, during the first year I took photos of snowflakes, morning dew, and butterflies! If there is a “macro” option – no other way of taking photos is considered!) The first “commercial” shootings began in 2007 for local print media and e-Media. Аterwards there was the project “Lutsk Face”, which then moved to Lublin. In 2012, I shot my first wedding! Imagine, it was a one-man show! Not as an assistant! Not as a guy carrying the speedlight!) Just myself!

Since then I have done various kinds of shootings!
Year by year, highlighting the methods that bring me the biggest satisfaction! After all, without your own pleasure, it is impossible to give a good result!
And today, my favorite directions are:
– event photography
– interior photography
– photography of concerts